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Land of a thousand-and-one reflections

Clad in its white cloak sparkling with a thousand lights, coloured with a multitude of flowers scattered all over its pastures in a joyful rainbow, or more subtly decorated with flame-coloured autumnal hues, Beaufortain is an unspoilt region which offers visitors all its riches in every season.


Pastoral symphony

With these thousand-and-one chalets dotted among the slopes of a "people's mountain", Beaufortain once more demonstrates the ability and willingness of its inhabitants to live in communion with nature. Through their ingenuity, people have tamed the slope; through their excessiveness, they have built gigantic dams; and through their efforts, they have kept the farming traditions of their ancestors alive, making a name for the area's most famous cheese, Beaufort. Here more than elsewhere, tourism has been perfectly controlled, and the first creatures that walkers will meet in these magnificent, well-maintained mountain pastures are beautiful cows, grazing on bright green grass to the delicate jingling sound of their bells.


"Here more than elsewhere, the gaze and the heart melt", Boris Vian

This is a land of belief, where churches, chapels and oratories still have a strong presence today, and further enrich well-preserved architectural heritage of Beaufortain. From villages to hamlets, from tastings on the farm to tours of the dairy cooperative, and from botanical trails to hikes on the mountain crests, Beaufortain reveals its many faces under the benevolent gaze of Mont Blanc...

Perched above Albertville, between Val d'Arly and Vanoise, "the last happy valley in the Alps," as local mountaineer and writer Roger Frison-Roche liked to call it, turns out to be more than a simple childhood dream, a dreamlike reality...


« - If you keep being silly, I'll send you back to Beaufort! -
Hearing that, I suddenly felt very happy. Beaufort! [...] With a feeling of bitterness, I thought of the free country I came from, where everything was beautiful, where everyone was kind and loved me [...] I felt like I could still hear the symphony of the cowbells of the herd in the peace of the mountain pasture, and this music rekindled obscure memories full of gentleness [and] human warmth within me... »

Roger Frison-Roche, extract from Le versant du soleil

« The mountains live on people's love for them. At the place where the dwellings, then the trees, then the grass peter out, the sterile, wild, mineral kingdom is born; however, in its extreme poverty, in its total bareness, it provides a priceless treasure: the happiness that can be found in the eyes of the people who visit it. »

Gaston Rébuffat

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