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Agriculture, a pastoral tradition

A mid-mountain land attached to its culture and traditions, Beaufortain's treasures are its heritage and above all its people, who keep age-old skills alive at a time when the virtual world and new technologies reign supreme. So Beaufortain is all about its people, but it's also all about cows... For it's thanks to them and their treasured mountain pastures that the local people haven't given in to the rural exodus. In the winter, many people take on extra work, often linked to the skiing season; however, at the end of spring, the secular tradition of the "remue" takes over again.


Among the mountain pastures...

The cows and their cowherds gradually climb up the mountain pastures according to the quality of the grass. Here, this grass is like green gold, since it gives Beaufort its special fruity taste. The traditional chalets dotted about the slope therefore often belong to the farmers who occupy them in the summer, travelling with their herds. While their boarders thus benefit from clean air and tasty grass, milking isn't easy given the steep slope and the altitude that separate the farmers from the villages.


Sharing and tradition

Nonetheless, the mountain people's courage and knowledge of clever tricks for coping with the lie of the land have quickly enabled them to triumph over the apparent hardship of this lifestyle. Mutual support is still a value which is shared every day, and it was in this spirit that the Beaufortain Dairy Cooperative was founded in the 60's. Yet while the area is of course known for its famous cheese, Beaufort, cows are not the sole rulers of the slopes. Goats' milk is also used to make a cheese called Grataron, which is exclusive to Beaufortain.

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