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Architectural and religious heritage

"A little hillside village..."

Villages. Bell towers. Steep slopes. Chalets. Verdant mountain pastures. It's the little things that make a landscape, bring it to life and give it its identity. These traditional wooden hillside houses define Beaufortain and make it stand out from the neighbouring valleys. Since the dawn of time, humans have shown ingenuity in adapting to their environment: here they have braved the slope to make an ally of it. The chalets are cleverly built into the slope and take advantage of earth's gravity, thus benefiting from several level ground-level floors.


Stones and woods

The spruce is a native tree here, and its wood is king in our traditional architecture, from frameworks to "ancelles" (wooden tiles covering the roofs, sometimes supported by large stones). Stone is used to reinforce the foundations. The style of farming shaped people's living environment. Houses are built close together in the steepest places, leaving room for agriculture on the "flatter" land.


Beaufortain, a Land of Art and History

The ruggedness of the area also strengthened the faith of the mountain people. Churches and chapels adorn the villages and hamlets with their baroque treasures, and a number of oratories can be found along our paths.

With this rich architectural and religious heritage, it's no surprise that this area was awarded the Land of Art and History label in 2006.

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