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The villages

Up high, in the mountains...

Beaufortain stands out from the neighbouring valleys by the richness of its hamlets and a keen desire to preserve its typical mountain architecture from the easy temptation to give in to the large tourist infrastructures that have spoilt the natural environment in some regions. There are hundreds of these chalets, all gems of this architectural art, nestling on the slope like a mountaineer hanging onto a rock. They are proof of humans' ingenuity in adapting to their environment.


Strong beliefs and a big heart

In this mountain land, life is harsh and tough, which is why these people found faith to allay their fears, and discovered great hardiness through sharing. These values, which are still shared today, have enriched the land with a priceless baroque religious heritage, and have left us with authentic communal living areas (bread ovens, wash houses...), all symbols of these inhabitants' sense of solidarity.


An outdoor museum

These villages and hamlets are therefore reminders of Beaufortain's past, but don't assume that they're no more than a splendid outdoor museum! Local life is still busy here, farmers still bring their herds to graze in the mountain pastures, craftspeople are still legion and there are plenty of social events! Skiing has of course not been forgotten, with two resorts (Arêches-Beaufort and Saisies-Espace Diamant, the former Olympic site of Albertville) which welcome board sports lovers of all levels of ability, and boast exceptional snow cover.

Why not take advantage of it now, by taking a walk along the slopes or among our charming villages and hamlets...



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