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Villard sur Doron

From the gold of the hay bales scattered all over the plain in the summer to the pure, sparkling white of the frost that covers the trees in winter, Villard sur Doron offers visitors an authentic charm and well-preserved traditional architecture. Porches cut out of the tuff, a 17th-century church, a sundial, oratories, chapels and a few 17th-century houses are reminders of a pious past and an exceptional traditional living environment. On the sunny slope, the practice known as the "remue" (taking the cows out to pasture) explains the scattered pattern of its secular chalets, which are often accompanied by an oven and bread loft.

Higher up, Bisanne 1 500 is connected to the Les Saisies ski area and offers a magnificent view of the Doron Valley and the mountain peaks from Outray to Roche Pourrie. At Mount Bisanne (1 941m), a 360° panoramic view awaits curious visitors, creating a delightful impression of being at the very heart of the Alps.

Not to be missed : Church of St. Peter, Mount Bisanne...


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